Singapore Diaries – Koach.AI @ #TechHRSG by People Matters


The recently concluded TechHRSG conference by People Matters was a unique experience and an eye opener in many ways. The Koach.AI team was making its first foray out of India and we were not quite sure what we were getting into except that here was an opportunity to pitch the next big what?!

We landed a day ahead to familiarise ourselves with SG and adjust for the time difference but found that moving 2.5 hours ahead was not hassle some.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 6.34.58 PM2.jpeg

D Day: 

The Venue in itself was a revelation. The Marina Sands Bay EXPO seemed like it was from a different planet and its sheer size was intimidating. With a fairly smooth check-in, we were all set up and ready for SE Asia. As the day progressed we exchanged notes with other start-up and it was exciting to see the problems that each of us was trying to solve. We had some very specific queries around AI and it was gratifying to see that many people liked our approach using the science of coaching. It was interesting to see how different the start-ups approached the problem from the large corporates and how possibly these paths converge, collide or diverge to create value to organisations. 

The other impression that one was left with was how each organisation saw the problem / challenges was very different and thus solutions for the same problem were different. Recruitment seemed to be the biggest challenge and almost 80% of the start-ups were solving for this. 

A master class with Rudy Karsan on what it takes to succeed in this space was an eyeopener, but his most lasting impression was that of the need for resilience and battling odds (as opposed to escaping them). Lots of good inputs on fundraising and then came the pitch. A quickfire 6 minutes to convince battle-hardened veterans. The 360 seconds did a 360 degrees and left one with things that needed to get accomplished. Sometimes there is satisfaction is navigating the difficult road.


Increased engagement with mentors on the floor of the conference made it even more worthwhile. Some things can only be understood by experience and TechhrSG was exactly that. A gala evening that gave memories, insights and showed paths that one could not have seen before. Memorable!

Pitch area and booths-386.jpg

Post the conference we continued on the momentum of the conference to find new opportunities and ways of doing old things. Thank you TECHhrsg.




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