‘Good to Great’ – 5 Critical Steps to Performance Improvement

shutterstock_571922968‘Good to Great’ – 5  Critical Steps to Performance Improvement

If ever there was a statement that succinctly captured the heart of what performance improvement is all about it’s from ‘Good to Great’. It leaves no doubt about the ask or the journey. We have a being state (good) defined, we have a desired state (great). As a statement of intent this is as close as one can get to the holy grail of performance improvement. But is this enough? This signalling of Intent. Clearly there is more work to be done that take your intent to fructification of getting there.

Performance improvement is essentially a journey, that has no short cuts, it requires practice and working on to get the desired outcomes. Think of yourself in the corporate world as someone who is good (You know and…others do too!) but feel like you want to get to the next level, the need to be counted above good, how would something like this work.

How do we use the 5 Steps:

  1. Intent – Everything starts with intentionality and without that no success is ever possible, no one unintentionally became better, it may have been subconscious but never unintentional. So, the foundation of performance improvement lies in stating our intent. A statement like “I want to be great at…..”
  2. Awareness – This seeming simple aspect of any individual can be surprisingly difficult to achieve as we often don’t want to look deeper within ourselves, for the fear of finding what we might not like. However, awareness is not a one way ticket to things that you need to get better at, it is also know what you are very good at and what makes you, essentially you. Statements like, “I am exceptionally good at….. , however need to get better at…..”  
  3. Action – As a generality people tend to commit to some action. The act of doing here implies alignment with the intent and awareness that you have of what will take you towards a desired outcome. This action is a recognition of the change you need to make in order to drive towards your intent. A statement like, “ I will on a daily basis……” 
  4. Feedback – Do not just take your own yardstick to see how you are doing. Go out there and speak to others who have a chance to tell you how you are faring. This perception of how you are doing by others measures is critical to actually getting to the outcome desired. Seeking inputs like, “ I have been specifically working on……., how do you think I am doing? 
  5. Calibration – A objective progress measure that includes you and others. This helps us know what more do we need to do or how much more do we need to travel on this particular path. The calibration is your own assessment that makes you look back on your journey from time to time. Statements like, ‘I started with being just about okay, but now feel I am …….”. Make your own choice!    

Performance improvement can never be a destination as the goal post of life keeps changing. For it to be a way of life, one can use these steps from small to large goals to be able to make headway.

Onward to greatness!


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